Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday Soliloquies.....

The Rhapsody of Love....

It's just you and me, my beloved
Swaying to the muted music of our hearts
Bodies rising and flowing with every crescendo
Two souls bared, nothing can contain the ecstasy within
For we are lost in a rhapsody of love
Merging in an ocean of fulfilment
As we surrender to the rythmn of bliss
We could live and die a millions deaths
In these ephemeral moments
All in a rhapsody of love...

haiku..... ( key word instinct)

In a sensual seduction
Let instincts take over
Unleash primal passions!


  1. stunning piece of work!
    the sensuality so delicate yet powerful!

    great stuff!!

  2. Deepak....thanks a million....! am truly grateful for your encouragement, inspiration and support! i rightly consider you my mentor!!

  3. Meditating on my beloved God..with the rising sun that melts into the coolness of morning glowing desire..set afire by the valley of sweet scented flowers..Sometimes He envelopes me and just as I am about to blend into Him..He moves away as if in some play..rising and flowing with every crescendo..I bare my soul.. to drench in ecstasy.. Humbly surrendering to the rythmn of bliss..All in divine rhapsody of love...
    Wah wah!! Prem.. again.. Love's thy name...

  4. many beautiful ways to look at a synergy of souls....and what a fantastic interpretation you have posted here.....makes me soar in ecstasy! thank you dear friend...brings to mind the divine love of meera and krishna!!