Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sunday Sweet-nothings......On a day such as this.....

On a day such as this.....

On a day such as this...
peace and contentment reign
The hustle and bustle of homely sounds
slowly grind to a halt
We retire to the cool comfort of our sanctuary
and silence overpowers worldly chaos
Where bird song jostles for space
with the honking and hooting of vehicles
We lose ourselves in a languorous stupor
seeking out each other in languid pleasure
Eternally secure and deeply in love
on a day such as this...


  1. sensuously serene......languid


  2. wow....thanks a mill, deepak...!!! abso love ur feedback...

  3. Perfect Sunday..such as this.. Celebrating silence...blending into each other.. sharing the same news paper in the morning.. watching some old era movie together in the afternoon.. sinking in the easy chair on the terrace with your own poison in the evening below the stars..humming an old melody..Reliving the path we have treaded upon for quarter of a century..all contribute to make a perfect Sunday.. such as this..

  4. dearest moushumi....a perfect day such as this or any other day filled with the sounds of love, laughter and silence ...of the deepest communion...yes, it would be this or that...such as you describe1!