Friday, November 22, 2013

Haiku ~ Blood

Red liquid, life
Source, precious to all
Rust slug when dead !

Blood red skies
Forbode unfettered rain
Calm, before the storm !

Red hot passion
Burn the sheets
The body, cool !

Bloodshot eyes
Flash the glitter
Ruby reflection !

Bloodcurdling cry
Water to ice maketh,
Fear explodes!

Poetry • Fragile Peace and A Shadow of You !

Fragile Peace:

Such a fragile peace we keep,
Like the gossamer weave,
Of a spider's web !

All it takes is just a whiff,
Of a sound ~ a vibration
Of clashing emotions!

The crashing of silence,
By cruel reality
Sear the bonds,
Of the true love we seek !

Shadow of You:

A shadow of you
Crossed my mind
T'was a mere wisp,
A tendril of thought
Fluttering through !
Trembling fingers
Reach out, greedy
To hold you there!
But time has won
Its silken round,
For slipping away
Is that shadow of you !