Saturday, October 6, 2018

Scenes from a train

Random Musings :

The sky appears to kiss the raw earth, in all its wondrous hues ~ bare brown, radiant red, fertile green ~ expressions of rebirth, life and renewal.

It's only land, where farmers work to the bone ~ their backs bent and foreheads bent in supplication to Gaia ~ wielding the lethal scythe to reap her fruits. Til, wheat and vegetables interspersed with the divine vermilion of marigolds adding richness and colour in the vast lands.

The women sit on their haunches gathering the reap, trimming the edges, creating little hillocks every metre. Have you ever noticed the sheer symmetry on the cultivated land? Rows upon rows of neat saplings, bearing the imprint of the beasts of burden....

All are life givers ~ the land, the animals and the folks that work them ~ heaving, hauling, reaping, shearing, gathering.... everyone a tiny microcosm in the vastness of the lands.

Small and algae ridden  ponds are few and far in between. Buffaloes make hay in the wetness, for as long as they can. Bulls rest next to the barrows, having earned their keep for the day while cows and goats graze, gently mooing in the setting sun. I see stray peacocks, majestic in the fields, and a big langur looking for a sweet treat while flocks of parrots rush to grab the last titbits before the night beckons !

It's time to go home now... some recalcitrant goats need to be chased away by their shepherds, and the mangy dogs who are their self appointed guardians, while the buffaloes and cows, amble in contentment, their bells tinkling away in gentle rythmn.

Yet, as they see the train pass, children and youngsters delight in waving to the passengers, innocence and guilelessness  writ large on their faces. Older ones, having seen several summers are still enchanted by the train, heads and hands supported by their lathis, stare with smiles tugging away at the corner of their lips.

Life is good. I watch these scenes with a joy that is so singularly in the moment, that worries about an infertile land, dry skies and waterless lakes recede far into the recesses of my mind. It is the now I seek. The now in which I live.

PR@Random Musings

Friday, November 22, 2013

Haiku ~ Blood

Red liquid, life
Source, precious to all
Rust slug when dead !

Blood red skies
Forbode unfettered rain
Calm, before the storm !

Red hot passion
Burn the sheets
The body, cool !

Bloodshot eyes
Flash the glitter
Ruby reflection !

Bloodcurdling cry
Water to ice maketh,
Fear explodes!

Poetry • Fragile Peace and A Shadow of You !

Fragile Peace:

Such a fragile peace we keep,
Like the gossamer weave,
Of a spider's web !

All it takes is just a whiff,
Of a sound ~ a vibration
Of clashing emotions!

The crashing of silence,
By cruel reality
Sear the bonds,
Of the true love we seek !

Shadow of You:

A shadow of you
Crossed my mind
T'was a mere wisp,
A tendril of thought
Fluttering through !
Trembling fingers
Reach out, greedy
To hold you there!
But time has won
Its silken round,
For slipping away
Is that shadow of you !


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

For HAIKU HEIGHTS ~ Cacophony

temple bells clang,
cacophony waketh Him,
arise, Lord, bless us !!

overheated noise,
in silence, cacophony
of screaming thoughts !!!

For A 100 Words on a Saturday ~ I was born ...

I was born ~ to be unborn !!!

To be free from this endless cycle of births and deaths !
Who knows truly, what eternity means? To be a part of that 
infinite whole, with no beginning and no end ? Yet, we believe, 
that the soul is eternal, that it aches to be one with the Supreme
Being. It is our deepest desire to be free from this cycle and one 
way, is the path of Karma, of good action !

I was born to be a good human, do good and be free ~ unborn,
in eternal bliss.

Monday, March 11, 2013

A Closed door ~ 100 words on a Saturday

I see that shut door; in a strange, surreal dream. Am intrigued ~ what mysteries does it hold within? A few ginger steps forward, keeping my thudding heart at bay. Should I, says the head? Oh, go ahead, says the heart! Perhaps, it holds the secrets of life, or the mythical places of my imagination?

But, open the door I must. For the wonders of hope that lie behind. I open the door, am swept into a magical place of blessed eternity, I had imagined. It struck me then, you are what you believe! You make your dreams come true!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Haiku ~ Snow

I have never seen or felt snow. In real life, that is. Wonder what it would be like, or feel like? Merry Christmas to all !!!

I long to see snow !
pristine white or dirty white?
crunchy or soft?

Crunchy or soft,
unique, each snowflake is
special crystal shape!

Special crystal shape,
drops down in a wave
mind's eye, I watch

Mind's eye, I watch
a bed of cold white, hiding
every footfall, free !

Every footfall free,
will it hide me too?
look behind for me !

Look behind for me,
buried in that frozen floor....
I long to see snow !

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Haiku ~ Wish

pegged on a kite tail,
I tag my wish, soaring...
hope and freedom, true !

within that kernel
lay hidden a dream,
a world, forever green !

no wish, no horse
no beggar rode, shush...
fantasy just died !

The theme Wish reminded me so much of Anne Lennox and Sweet Dreams .....

Sweet Dreams are made of these,
Who am I to disagree.
I travel the world across the seven seas,
Everybody is looking for something.....