Saturday, December 4, 2010

Monday Melodies........Oasis....

Come, oh weary traveller
I invite you to seek my refuge and comfort
Come, partake of me, drop your burdens...
Quench your thirst, quell your hunger!
Lay yourself down on my breast...
I hear you sighing in contentment
As you give of yourself
And surrender in my cocoon...
We synergise our desires in unison....
When its time to bid farewell
I release you in the knowledge
That one day you will return
To the oasis that I am
For, I will always be here...for you...


  1. WOW!! SIMPLY WOW!! sweetheart Prem.. Love's thy name..:)) You spoke out of my heart and soul.. I reverberate in unison..totally..:)))

  2. Wow ! Brillant kutty...what a beutiful thought and experience....loved it...keep wrting dear...

  3. @moushumi.....we reverberate in unison because we are soulmates.....thank you you. is so gratifying to receive continued appreciation from you, my mentor! truly, you are the force that inspires me to go forth and experiment without fear of falling flat on my face. thank you.

    @phoenix....i am unable to place you....tried reaching ur blog but no luck with ur identity. but you seem to be a familiar soul....and i welcome you on my blog and thank you for your appreciation!

  4. Greetings--
    Very good -sensitive- &thought provoking
    We are all Travellers in the Sagara of Samsaar-
    WE seek ad take shelter in an oasis of Parents-spouse, family, Friendships- --then finally in Faith & Trust Rest in that Ultimate Reality of --Sat chit Ananda Swaroopa.

  5. thank you so much TRmama for your feedback and appreciation! love it!!