Monday, June 27, 2011


unquenched, my thirst
for knowledge, for wisdom
and, oh, to know the difference!

quench my desire, Lord
unleash Thy bliss, I bow
in silent surrender!!!

27jun2011, 2110hrs

Saturday, June 11, 2011


delusions of grandeur
what else, but
slavery to oneself?

" white man's burden ",
a historical ruse,
...made slaves of men!

oh! addictions, evil
born of self-weaknesses
Be cast away, slavery!

ying and yang,
completeness, personified
mutual slavery!

11jun11, 11:25pm

Monday, June 6, 2011


shattered dreams
fragile, porcelain-like,
now, mere splintered existence

The monsoons have hit my city in a big has its own magical charm. I would like to share a few thoughts with all of you.....

Monsoon Musings....

....... and the pregnant sky opened its arms,
letting an unfettered torrent rush through.
great rolling balls of thunder,
play hokey pokey with electric flashes of lightning!

a symphony of sounds burst forth,
drumbeats of pattering raindrops on barren rooftoops,
synchronise with cymbal clashes of astral music,
while the heavenly orchestra bows to its own beat!

here, on earth, excitement of another kind ensues
trees wrench their branches forward,
clasping the rains in a never-ending embrace,
plants sway to a magical score, its been a long, long wait!

little puddles and baby streams rush to compete,
while birds protect their young in fragile homes!
powerless animals, all huddle together,
humbled before nature's awesome glory!

people, run helter-skelter, seeking the comfort
of home and hearth, relieved still...for the respite!
children, seeking merriment from these rains,
oh, to shriek and play, and float paper boats!

i sit by the window, looking out at this miracle of nature,
in my mind's eye, i soar open-armed into a verdant valley!
i know, that rejuvenation is on the cards,
and hope that the thirsting emptiness of my heart
gets slaked by the life-giving nurture of the rains!

tuesday, 07jun11, 0015hours.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


swirl in bliss
to a mystical merger
with the Divine, immortality!

the pendulum sways
locked gaze, mind
in a hypnotic trance...

dagger drawn, slit
beads of blood glisten
paralysed, fear!

comatose, in a drug-induced
psychedelic trance, even
Death seems sublime!

immersed in musical delights
to a rapturous splendour,
énchantment, enhanced!!

02jun11, 2230hrs