Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Colours of Me...!

Myriads of colours enclose me in a warm embrace,
Every hue imbibing a bit of me.
It seems like a kaleidoscope of enchanting colours,
Has followed me through the ages,
........And time stood still.

Can you recall the budding bloom that I was,
When you see the soothing pinks and happy yellows?
Do you see a child-woman in those brilliant blues and striking purples?
Do you see me now, a mature woman,
In the warm maroon and lush green tones of the Earth?

Can you feel my passion in that fiery red,
And experience my love in the hot pink?
Sense my serenity in the midnight blue,
And the despondency, that sometimes,
Weaves its way through the greys?

Can you hear my laughter in the deep orange,
My silence in the blacks,
And my yearning in the pearly whites?
Come, my beloved, take my hand...
And let us merge, creating a vivid new colour of love!

September 19, 2010.....posted Jan 19, 2011 at 1400hrs

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Shroud....

See the wispy mist rise out of the swamps
a mist, seemingly a shroud!
A shroud for the living
not for the dead!
The flimsy drape conceals nothing
neither a million mediocrities,
nor a million fears!
Yet, masking, hiding, camouflaging
the true self, deeply layered beneath!
Lifetimes pass by, compressed
into tiny capsules of moments
We lie there, live here
unable shrug off the shroud,
unaware of its very existence!
What a wasted life
when the True Self awaits realisation!!

Jan 16, 2011...1350 hrs


Eyes wide shut
solitude, a lullaby soothes
sleep, what a requiem!

Monday, January 10, 2011

My Sweet Lord....


Infinite heavens, acutely defined...
Celestial bodies glitter, overshadowed...
By the Almighty Celestial Being!

My Sweet Lord...

As I stand, humble before Your image
Or what I perceive,
To be an imagined likeness of You
I can only stand and stare...
Swathed am I, in Your divine radiance
Your grace envelopes me,
As I surrender to Your celestial beauty!
My sweet Lord, I supplicate you
Let Your will define me!
I bow my head in eternal gratefulness
For the multitude of blessings
You have bestowed upon me!
The bells toll a melodious chime,
And the divine music begins...
Enraptured am I, and bliss I seek
As I look forward to being one with Thee!!!

Jan 11, 2011...0415hrs

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Butterfly

Reborn through crushing pain,
a stark metamorphosis occurs,
look, a fragile beauty is born!

See the butterfly cruise the wind,
flitting from branch to tree,
chasing and ardently wooing flowers!

In the shortness of its existence,
it roams freely, giving of itself,
and life-inducing succour!

Spreading enchantment with its shimmer,
quenching the thirst of lost souls,
is it a celestial being, I wonder?

6th January 2011, 11:27 pm

Saturday, January 1, 2011


In the beginning
There was the Word,
And the Word, Divine...

The universe
Infinite nothingness
No beginning, no end...

A new day
A new life
A new beginning...

Life quivers...
The beginning of the end
Death....breath stills...

Tender, shy glances
Unrequited sighs...
Love's a-beginning !!!

Sunday Jan 2,2011...1200hrs