Monday, November 22, 2010

Tuesday Twitters....Haikus galore!

Its great to be back...!! Today I am inspired by my friend Deepak's Instant Words blog which
specialises in Haikus. Todays clue is the word ' stranger '. A small token from me.....

Entwined together
In rapturous splendour..
Strangers no more!

An intimacy lost
An old love dies
Strangers once more..

Strangers in the night
An exchange of money
Empty, desolate sex for sale.

Whither goest thou
Stranger in our midst?
Come, a new world beckons!

Stranger miracles occur
When clones and anti-matter
Modern science creates!

A bright blue sky
No stranger to the slashes
Of pregnant grey clouds!

The stranger the thought
The deeper the madness
Will sanity prevail?

Truth is stranger than fiction
Sometimes, an amalgamation
Who will separate the two?


  1. all so lovely!

    now go across to and link your post to share these lovely thoughts with many more like minded people!!

  2. You are improving by the day sweetheart.. great going!!

  3. @deepak....thank you...i await your weekly clues with the greatest longing....they are what inspire me to dip into my creativity.

    @moushumi.....your encouragement is the fuel for my creativity...thank you!

  4. Awesome haikus...

    The first one, the blue sky one and the last one are my favorite...
    Lovely..thanks for sharing :)