Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wednesday whispers...

Today is a big day for me...I am writing a blog for the very first time! and I seem to be stuck!!!!
Where do I begin???? For an inveterate chatterbox, that is indeed something foxing, to say the least!!

well, i will begin with my morning walk. As i strolled along, i was assaulted by the overpoweringly pleasant  aroma of a meal being cooked, out in an open adjoining construction site. these poor construction labourers began their day with the basics...and then go on to a day of harsh toiling labour. Being paid a pittance, and made to live in the most pathetic conditions, they are still an unfailingly resilient lot. Perhaps it is the harsh realities of life that make them so stoic, yet the simple repast that they prepared for their nourishment, displayed none of the angst that surrounds their lives.

seems to me, there is a lesson to be learnt out there. do whatever needs to be done, in a spirit of dedication. it is qualities such as love, devotion and perfect execution that bring even the most mundane chores to life. like somebody posted on fb...there are no ordinary moments...i say, one chooses to make moments, either ordinary or exceptional!!!


  1. nice observation... the aroma of delicious food brings all classes of people to come down an pay a little attention to who gets to eat morning eggs and pav... better than politics and terrorism... if ppl want attention they should cook yummy smelling food!!! hahaha sab log aukaad me aate hain!!! :) and the note! like i say even now, is amazing!!

  2. great to see you blog!!
    look forward to your random musings in the form of haikus too!!

  3. Congrats on your very first blog. Keep blogging.

  4. Dear Kutts,

    Hi good opening!! trusted you to start with something to do with food...haha...after the cookery tips i got from you at Geeta's place.

    Excellent observation on construction workers. They dont have the luxury of warm bed and sheets, warm water for bath and rest of thenthins we take for granted every morning!! Yet they wake up with a spirit of looking forward to a hard day!! And ofcourse morning food must be meaning a lot to them to keep going for th whole day!!

    Basically i beleive that cooking tasty food for self or others is like offering a service to God. And i know you are good at it.. I am always extremely grateful to people who feed me good food!! Be its my mom,friends like you or even Chef at the restaurants. It is is such a simple thing to do yet so meaningful....means survival for many like construction workers. Lets tahnks God for giving us the luxury of having more than two meals a day and lets try not to waste food.

    Keep writing sweetheart...i am your fan...Looking forward to an interesting exchange of thoughts on your blog...all the best!!

  5. started the blog with a reference to morning walk-an activity that many of us indulge in, to start our day...I am considering that your blog life is like a new born day...hoping that it will see more colors of the sun, more hours of emotions getting expressed, more hustle and bustle to find its ways, experience, love and care...and of course..haikus...oh...I wish I could learn how to write them...

    happy blogging maam.

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    and share your own imagination triggered by the image...the comment section is waiting for you....

    "Helping readers to think and increase their imagination power so that they can express their thoughts better"

  6. @nishevita @magic eye @swati @shruti @wanderer...
    thank you so much for your feedback and encouragement. i hope to do justice to your support.

  7. Welcome aboard my sweet buddy.. With your wonderful talent it was a wonder why you did not think of blogging earlier.. Chalo.. der aye, durust aye..
    The make-shift kitchens at construction sites have always held my attention too.. We donot need much to be happy and kick start for the day. Simplicity is the essence of beauty. Beautiful weather up with the lark..take a deep breath open your arms wide..universe in your clasp.. inhale lungful of some distant burning's just begun!!

  8. my moush...the unexpected thrill of seeing you here is akin to an unseasonal shower, bringing with it the fragrance of fresh earth, and the touch of the cool drops against a warm body...thank you my dear...

  9. Hi, Thanks your visit to my page.. I am happy that I reciprocated here.. liked your write.. coming out of simle observations of day to day life.. that's what makes it all the more interesting..hope you will have a look at some of my posts.. I shall be doing that here..

  10. @ramesh sood....thank you so much for taking the trouble to go through my blog postings...both notes and poetry/haikus. i appreciate your feedback and since i am very new to will excuse the delay in my reciprocation. i am still getting the hang of things!

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