Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Shroud....

See the wispy mist rise out of the swamps
a mist, seemingly a shroud!
A shroud for the living
not for the dead!
The flimsy drape conceals nothing
neither a million mediocrities,
nor a million fears!
Yet, masking, hiding, camouflaging
the true self, deeply layered beneath!
Lifetimes pass by, compressed
into tiny capsules of moments
We lie there, live here
unable shrug off the shroud,
unaware of its very existence!
What a wasted life
when the True Self awaits realisation!!

Jan 16, 2011...1350 hrs


Eyes wide shut
solitude, a lullaby soothes
sleep, what a requiem!


  1. wow
    this is brilliant! vintage prema!

  2. @Deepak....Thank you so much for your fulsome appreciation! Your feedback is fuel to better work! God bless!

  3. Shroud for the living gets evaporated once the sun shines through. Like wise Truth awakens when Self is evaporated when Gurushakti / Guruvani shines through.

  4. @daseja....very true....its a two pronged weapon, a mask for our real selves and a drape that stops us from becoming one with the True self!

  5. @daseja....thank you for your visit to my world ... and welcome! its is true, the sunshine of knowledge under the guidance of an enlightened Guru, can evaporate the vapour of the shroud!

  6. Pretty good way of discribing life...wasted is the word for many of us.....we don't relise the value of our lives untill we reach the final stage of existance....! Good Work Prema.

  7. This is indeed very good.. loved it.. Maskless people..ah, how I love to have them around turning my life in to a carnival.. Thank You..

  8. umesh....thank you sweetheart for your appreciation!!!

    @Rameshji....Thank you for loving my humble offerings!

  9. Dear, Thanx a lot for this lovely treat. Wish to keep getting similar beautiful mails in future as well. Find difficult to express my gratefulness for keeping me in loop.

  10. Thank you Sharmaji for your kind words !