Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Colours of Me...!

Myriads of colours enclose me in a warm embrace,
Every hue imbibing a bit of me.
It seems like a kaleidoscope of enchanting colours,
Has followed me through the ages,
........And time stood still.

Can you recall the budding bloom that I was,
When you see the soothing pinks and happy yellows?
Do you see a child-woman in those brilliant blues and striking purples?
Do you see me now, a mature woman,
In the warm maroon and lush green tones of the Earth?

Can you feel my passion in that fiery red,
And experience my love in the hot pink?
Sense my serenity in the midnight blue,
And the despondency, that sometimes,
Weaves its way through the greys?

Can you hear my laughter in the deep orange,
My silence in the blacks,
And my yearning in the pearly whites?
Come, my beloved, take my hand...
And let us merge, creating a vivid new colour of love!

September 19, 2010.....posted Jan 19, 2011 at 1400hrs


  1. Really..this is very beautifully written :)

  2. @jingle....thank you for your appreciation and the rating!
    @sumit.... thanks a lot! its my pleasure!

  3. Greetings, Happy Sunday! Blessings…

    Friendship Awards, Enjoy!
    Thanks for the support, You Rock!

  4. this is so beautiful...
    want it to be read out loud!

  5. hi deepak....thank you for your warm compliments...!! makes me soar!!!