Monday, January 10, 2011

My Sweet Lord....


Infinite heavens, acutely defined...
Celestial bodies glitter, overshadowed...
By the Almighty Celestial Being!

My Sweet Lord...

As I stand, humble before Your image
Or what I perceive,
To be an imagined likeness of You
I can only stand and stare...
Swathed am I, in Your divine radiance
Your grace envelopes me,
As I surrender to Your celestial beauty!
My sweet Lord, I supplicate you
Let Your will define me!
I bow my head in eternal gratefulness
For the multitude of blessings
You have bestowed upon me!
The bells toll a melodious chime,
And the divine music begins...
Enraptured am I, and bliss I seek
As I look forward to being one with Thee!!!

Jan 11, 2011...0415hrs


  1. Greetings
    MY Sweet Lord is beautiful and reminded me also of the song--by George Harrison -same title but different lyrics-of 60s. Maybe you can set this to Music with a local group too- DO TRY-as this has a Universal Appeal and most needed today.
    Meanwhile, last week end found me in a Music Concert with the Vintage Mustangs band-of our times-1963 see- (Hindu, Metro plus front page,Tue page Jan 11th )..
    ps--before you wonder I was playing a acoustic Guitar since 18 in Cadet training days --only camp music -Amateur)
    Cheers TR

  2. a@TRmama...thank you for your encouragement and the positivity with which you greet my humble writings! am fortunate to be blessed by your kind words...and you are was the Beatles song of the same title that was my inspiration!

    @jingle....thank you so much...its my pleasure indeed!

    @amit...hello and welcome to my world...!!! thank you for your wings to my imagination!!!

  3. nice... though am missing the lyrical quality of your writing in this..

  4. Dear Prema........I know how adept you are in playing with words, but only recently i have discovered the quality in you to create magic with the words in a spelbinding way. Hats off....:)

  5. This is umesh...i strike hard when its hot......

  6. Prem..divine love.. so tangible.. in simple lucid flow of words straight from the heart.. Haiku or not what does it matter..Too good..:))

  7. awesome poem.. I love your template design and you are rocking..

    PS: thanks for all your sweet commments in my space.. Happy to have you there.. Thanks for reading Three Knots.. You are so sweet...

    I will stop by here frequently here.. I started following you to visit now and then..

    Someone is Special

  8. @umesh....your first visit here...and what an entry darling! thank you my dear!!!

    @moush....i have no doubts about my refuge.....your words are balm to my soul!

    @SIS....thank you for your very kind words...really uplift and elate! god bless!

  9. @deepak....thank you for your valuable feedback...i welcome it wholeheartedly....and will certainly strive harder.

  10. I like this, especially the line, "Let Your will define me."

  11. Thank you's my pleasure to have you here!