Thursday, June 2, 2011


swirl in bliss
to a mystical merger
with the Divine, immortality!

the pendulum sways
locked gaze, mind
in a hypnotic trance...

dagger drawn, slit
beads of blood glisten
paralysed, fear!

comatose, in a drug-induced
psychedelic trance, even
Death seems sublime!

immersed in musical delights
to a rapturous splendour,
énchantment, enhanced!!

02jun11, 2230hrs


  1. impressed.
    3 in one entry,
    well done.


  2. Wonderful haikus, I wrote one of mine on fear too
    I really like the imagery in the second one, something intriguing to me about pendulums

  3. Is it about fear? for me it sounds like something beyond fear....expression so difficult to word... i like it kutts..

  4. @ deepak.....thank you so much !
    @ jingle....thanks....just decided to get greedy and post a couple more!
    @ mlm....thanks! pendulums do just that....lock us in a trance!
    @ phoenix...thank you so much! Its like a rabbit gets paralysed with fear when caught in sudden bright lights...that fear is almost trance-like!

  5. Hey after going thru ur haikus I say it's a pleasure and a must to go thr urs to learn how to nail a haiku!

    I enjoyed my presence here :)


  6. dear are a new visitor to my world...and its super to have you here! thanks for the fulsome compliments...but these are some just humble outpourings! god bless!