Saturday, April 16, 2011


night's inky blackness
echoes the resonance
of its nocturnal creatures

cast a pebble onto still waters
watch ever-increasing concentric circles
resonate within its ripples!

two hearts beat as one
resonate to the rhythm
and sounds of love!

silence grapples with noise
pain shrieks at happiness
hush ... yet, only serenity prevails!

Walk away in silence......

Walk away in silence, my friend
Just walk away in silence....
Why suffocate under the burdens
of a million unspoken words?
Why quail before unknown fears?
Walk away in silence, my friend
Just walk away in silence....

Why quake before myriad expectations?
Why tremble beneath weighty guilts?
I have always known and understood
That there is really not much to be said....
Walk away in silence, my friend
Just walk away in silence....

Have no fear, my dear......I will pretend....
and bury my wounds in the stifling silence.....
Just let dignity and grace be our redeemers
Parting is never sweet sorrow, my dear
So, walk away in silence, my friend....
Just walk away in silence.

17apr2011, 0040hrs


  1. Your first haiku really said what I was trying in mine. Well done.

  2. "... echoes the resonance ..."

    I like the imagery portrayed. Well done!

  3. thank you dear christine and beccagivens for your comments....and welcome to my world!

  4. Yes so very true. It is better to walk away in silence with grace and dignity....Exactly my feelings Kutts. I always believe in expressing...and keep on doing that...but now i have learnt.... sometimes walking away in silence is the best way out of a messy situation...

  5. Yes phoenix ..... That is so true! When words hurt more than they soothe, it is better to just retract from the situation.

  6. So well worded Prem.. The stone makes ripples in the water..but notice how it merges with the peaceful serene waters after a travelling a little distance.. Peace prevails once again in dignified silence.. absorbing in itself all emotions and evolving into that supreme state..

  7. the fourth verse! that's my favorite in this poem of tercets that flowed so well :) thanks for sharing, Prema!

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  8. Dear vinay.....thank you for your kind words....and welcome to my world!

    @ SIS....your encouragement is invaluable! Thank you!

    @ jingle....once again....thanks for your appreciation. God bless!

  9. Moush....your words overflow with deep understanding and you dear!

  10. I love the way you connect emotions with nature -- particularly in verse 4. Such tranquility.

  11. dear judith...thank you so much! its a pleasure having you here!