Monday, March 11, 2013

A Closed door ~ 100 words on a Saturday

I see that shut door; in a strange, surreal dream. Am intrigued ~ what mysteries does it hold within? A few ginger steps forward, keeping my thudding heart at bay. Should I, says the head? Oh, go ahead, says the heart! Perhaps, it holds the secrets of life, or the mythical places of my imagination?

But, open the door I must. For the wonders of hope that lie behind. I open the door, am swept into a magical place of blessed eternity, I had imagined. It struck me then, you are what you believe! You make your dreams come true!


  1. This is beautifully written, Prema. We are truly what we believe!
    Love the look of your blog. Is the closed door background a coincidence? ;)

    1. Thank you corinne ! I was tempted by your prompt and it kinda tickled my brain buds :) I hope to be there more often !! Coincidence indeed !! Hahahahahahah

  2. Dear Prem,
    The lines are very beautifully put..words beautifully chosen.. good flow.. what else can I say... I simply loved it!! Jiyo!!

  3. As usual late, but will appreciate your talent in projecting your thoughts in so apt words.

    Keep it up & plz keep sending beautiful lines in future too.

    How about the topic romance in rain?

  4. Lovely - this took me on a journey into a mythical world. Loved it.