Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Assorted Haiku...

a seductive sea breeze lulls,
waves gently caress the shore,
and me, as I lay down in tranquillity!

mother nature nurtures life,
offtimes, her violent outbursts
trail destruction, humble the human!

if happiness be a mushroom cloud,
singeing all in its wake,
then, blow me away, in bliss!!

dried, pressed flowers,
hidden in yellowed pages, revive
an aroma of remembered passion....

an old home, warm memories,
no longer, strangers lounge,
lost, I peer through the window....

26jul, 2310hrs


  1. Par excellance ma chere tante!! :) vivid, beautiful, touching! Loved them!

  2. thank you...ma petite....je t'aime!

  3. Such wonderful tercets, Prema :) but the syllable restrictions you've missed.

  4. Hi Leo! You have me right there! Guess I was a bit lax.... :) thanks for the visit though!

  5. Dearest Prem, Wow..wow..wow!! as usual!!
    I shall remember these lines when a breeze shall turn over the pages of youth and a pressed yellow flower gets blown away blissfully.. I will let the seductive little waves tickle my feet..sometimes drawing away..sometimes rushing on to me...and who knows, I may care to lay down on the sea shore....and stare into the blue sky..watching clouds come and go..in tranquillity..
    Your word power is so powerful sweetheart..I am livin it!!

  6. Oh Moush....love it and you....this time I was not very strict with the syllable